The cake topper has long been a tradition at weddings. And next to the wedding rings, the cake topper often holds more symbolism than any other item at the special day's events.

Buried Treasure Cake – You don't have to be in the Caribbean to pull this off. The topper could be a treasure chest with gold coins and jewels pouring out of it, cascading down the side of the cake. If you're in love with Pirates, make have figurine cake toppers of a bride and groom…one as Captain Jack Sparrow, and a fair maiden in her wedding dress, of course.

Once you have found that nearly perfect top, why not add some silk or fresh flowers that will match or compliment the colors in the cake that you commissioned? In many cases you can do this yourself or have your florist do it. Either way you choose to do it, by arranging the additional flowers in and around your choice for the cake topper you can suddenly have a top that is unique to your wedding. The silk flowers compliment the rest of the wedding cake by adding a splash of color to the top - which sometimes has too much white in it anyway.

With a wide choice of wedding cakes Perth customers are able to choose from a variety of cake flavours. Whether you’re looking for coconut or carrot wedding cakes, Perth-based Annette’s Heavenly Cakes are capable of creating it. Other wedding cakes Perth customers are able to enjoy include fruit wedding cakes Perth, hazelnut cream cakes and mocha supremes.

If you are a little short on cash but still want to have a dragon inspired wedding cake, there is a wonderful solution to satisfy your desire. You may not really get a cake design to build a scaly dragon for you, but you may just purchase a ferocious dragon cake topper just for the event. There are a plethora of glint eyed, luridly colored, talon wielding, miniature versions of the fire spouting reptiles. Get one which you like, perch it on top of a simple wedding cakes and at the dragon’s feet, you may place the wedding ring set of the bride and groom’s rings for maximum effect.

The wedding cakes are also considered as the work of art and a lot of man spent their time creating their masterpiece. The first thing to consider is that the cost of the wedding cakes varies in the choice of the cake decorating, the size of the cake tiers, icing, and the number of servings.

Just think, the first ceremony that the couple takes part in as now married husband and wife, is centered around the wedding cake! That special moment when the bride and groom slice that first piece of their wedding cake and then feed each other the first bite is often the most photographed moment at the reception.

Wedding cake costs will greatly depend on some factors that you would want for your cake such as icing or frosting, decorations, number of layers and structure. Basic cakes are usually in circle or square shapes, and the decorations include some fresh flowers or flowers made from frosting and some ribbons and other embellishments as well. Other cakes that are larger and have greater number of layers are more difficult to make, thus they can cost really expensive.