While the most popular months for weddings are still the summer months, particularly June, the winter season is making a strong run at being the most favored time to get married. There are many excellent reasons to choose a winter wedding, and it is easy to see why winter weddings are becoming so popular. Of course a winter wedding means a winter wedding dress, and it is important to choose that wedding dress with care. After all, the winter wedding dress is the showpiece of any winter wedding, so it is important to choose it very carefully.

In the past, it was a tradition for women attending weddings to avoid wearing black because it was considered the color of mourning. This practice was overruled in recent years. When wearing black to a wedding, try not to look as if you are attending a funeral, but rather decorate with such things as a colored wrap, jewelry, and the like to create a happier feel. When attending an evening wedding dress colors tend to be darker than those of a morning or day wedding. So do not be shy to pull out those dark, rich toned dresses.

Since the day Kate Middleton walked down the aisle with a sleeved gown, this has been the perfect example of modesty. Every bride with a wish to be modest is putting sleeves on their gown. This is going well with the lace themes that are also very popular for this time.

Take the venue of your wedding into consideration. In order to avoid the problem caused by being dressed inappropriately, you need to select a style that will compliment your figure as well as the venue. If the wedding is being held outside, go for something more comfortable and casual. On the other hand, if it is a beach wedding, nothing is better than a knee-length dress, as beach weddings are generally less formal. You may look more sexy and charming by adorning your bridal gown with some floral embellishments.